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Masthead Sheave - Ball Bearing - Catalina 30

Masthead Sheave - Ball Bearing - Catalina 30

Custom made ball bearing masthead sheaves which use no magic sprays or tracks... just the same style bearings as many jib furling systems and heavy duty blocks use.  There's no reason why those areas of your boat should get all the love. 

Raising your sails is a breeze with the best drop-in solution available. Hoisting can become up to twice as easy with a masthead sheave like this.

Please note that:

1) If your boat has halyards that run completely outside your masthead, you'll need two sheaves per halyard
2) If your mast has halyards that run inside your mast, you can get buy with one sheave per halyard but it still recommended to replace these sheaves in pairs.
3) These sheaves are meant for all-rope halyards. Wire to rope halyards well eat them up.
4) Installation is best done by a professional rigger or with the mast down.
5) The clevis pin that these sheaves ride on are sometimes frozen in your masthead and may need to be cut in half to be removed. An inspection before installation is highly recommended. Ask about replacements pins which are available at additional cost.

width: 9/16
weight: 3 OZ.
sheave diameter: 2-3/4
ID: 1/2" OD: 2-3/4"

  • Details

    Grey hard anodizing with stainless hub and Torlon bearings.
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